Armless War-mongering Bunnies

This series a metaphorical deconstruction of war and warmongering through parody and humour. No matter what the political, religious or cultural differences there seems to be valour and insanity all mixed up with profiteering in the business of war. Ultimately people suffer and life is lost. The pure nature of war no matter what cloak of words and motivations are used, is useless and inhumane. In the series the artist on some occasions takes iconic war footage or imagery and supplants the bunnies over the top and changes the dialogue. The Bunny is seen in many cultures as a symbol of fertility. Why then is something that is meant to be fertile so destructive? What are we defending? Is the opposing religion, political system, natural resource bank, cultural practice so in need of dominating and controlling and then exploiting for profit under a cloak of well used verbal ruses? Can war mongering be made redundant?