The Dirty Mexican

Surreptitiously defined in the street smart Urban Dictionary thusly " A dirty Mexican is a Mexican who doesn't clean themselves regularly. Someone who looks greasy and doesn't take showers often. Someone who usually smells." Total hogwash and lunacy. Within the context of Australian state rivalry he is an exported quantity that substantially increases the average IQ in both NSW and QLD. He is definitely a smart(arse), cocksure in his ability to outwit, out spin, and out wrestle his compatriot east coast northerners intellectually and culturally.

He loves Aussie Rules or "Gay FL" as the moronic, sun-kissed, laconic, squirrel grabbing bum huggers call it, whether they be New South Welshmen or Bananas Benders. Get a thesaurus and increase your vocabulary above CVC three letter words . " ….Try….Gay…. Mum…..". Pathetic whimpering from generations of punch happy, half-baked, imbecilic and thick headed northerners. The Dirty Mexican will satirically compare Iconic landmarks in both NSW and QLD to his superior Victorian counterparts .He has been resurrected in response to the text below calling Queensland "home". It's not home but he will live here because it's sunny and there is a good tattooist in West End.

Vibrant Queensland

From postcard-perfect beaches to the dusty outback via bustling metropolitan centres, Queensland is a state of contrasts. Five Brisbane artists with diverse backgrounds have collaborated to explore the place they call home, navigating issues including cultural stereotypes, the "suburban experience" and the daily struggle to reconcile business with pleasure (a constant in a "boom" state which trades on its natural beauty in more ways than one). As a result, Vibrant Queensland will challenge perceptions of the Sunshine/Smart State for locals and visitors alike.

In Queensland


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