Welcome to Clay Smith Art

Clay Smith is a fusion artist who is not limited to one style of art. There are links to post modern pop art, poster art, manga, storybook illustration, and abstract in his paintings. He will sometimes have two to three styles in the one painting. He experiments in mixed media presently using canvas as the platform on which he creates. Oil, ink, solvents, pencil are all applied with paintbrushes, pens, rulers, concrete trowels and even tea towels.


He endeavours to never be limited to a conformed method of operation as an artist and is happily aware that at times he can captivate himself as the works are being formed. The work is all theme based art with a message sometimes explicitly stated and sometimes covertly. There are a multitude of themes he paints in and each with a unique message that is unfolding as he continues to be influenced by the world around.

There are many concepts discussed with the framework of each theme. These vary vastly ranging from the divisiveness of humanity that gives rise to the ideology slaying of Jargon Slayer. To the satirical optimistic pacifism of the warmongering bunnies in the face of a brutal dismal tide of warmongering military. The unifying elements in many cultures that influence us deeply in cultural tempest.




Please think as you enjoy.